South Western Federation of Museums and Art Galleries

Your County

In this section, you will find useful contacts that can support you, your organisation, and the work that you do. You will also find news and information relevant to your county.

About South West Fed County Reps

The South West Fed is built around a communication system based around the county museum groups. Each county has a County Rep that attends the meetings of their local County Museum Group. The County Rep will then be the conduit for all communication to and from the South West Fed Board and the museums of that County via the County Museum Group.

You can get in touch with your county rep using the details found in the county pages.

About Museum Development Officers (MDOs)

Museum Development Officers are managed by the South West Museum Development Programme. They do everything from giving vital ‘grass roots’ support to volunteer-led museums, to opening up opportunities for everyone to benefit from regional and national initiatives. They offer a crucial two-way conduit between governmental agendas and the chalk face of daily museum life, and often they open doors to funding that a museum could not achieve alone.

In the unlikely event that your local MDO hasn’t yet worked with your museum, do get in touch and see what they can do for you.

The roles of the MDO are wide and varied and include

Community Heritage: Supporting & advising projects
Learning: Projects, events, activities & training
Volunteers: Promotion, recruitment & welfare
Curatorial Advisor: Supporting accreditation, collections care & raising standards
Promotion & Publicity: Media, online, exhibitions, tourism & advocacy
Partnerships: Project-based, strategic, promotional & operational
Projects: Management or coordination, fundraising & evaluation
Fundraising: Application support, administering grants, creating partnerships
Advocacy: Promotion of museums at a local, regional & national level
Communication: Two-way intermediary between volunteers & professional
Collections Care: Advice on display, use, storage & conservation