South Western Federation of Museums and Art Galleries

Appropriate workforce

Accredited museums must have sufficient workforce (paid or voluntary) to run effectively. Draw up a chart to show the structure of the workforce, including vacant posts. All members of the workforce must receive induction training and have their training needs assessed on a regular basis. All volunteers must have a role description and have signed a volunteer agreement.

Assessor’s questions

  • Are sufficient skills present to enable effective delivery of the forward plan (see requirement 1.4)?
  • Is it clear which members of the workforce are volunteers, which are on short term contracts and which are paid through grants?
  • If there are vacant posts, how is the effect of these being mitigated and what steps are being taken to re-appoint?
  • Are there effective recruitment procedures in place to ensure an appropriate workforce, both in numbers and skills?
  • Is there evidence that elected members or senior officers with delegated authority consult the senior museum professional before making decisions?
  • Is a workforce handbook available?
  • Are the training and development opportunities sufficient for the size of the organisation and workforce?
  • Is training and development linked back to the delivery of the museum’s plans?