South Western Federation of Museums and Art Galleries

Appropriate management arrangements

Accredited museums must have a clear management structure.

Assessor’s questions

  • Is the organisation structure provided coherent, appropriate to its size and up to date?
  • Is there clear evidence of delegated powers?
  • Do all committees and sub-committees operate within their approved terms of reference?
  • Are there clear reporting structures in place between committees and are these followed?
  • If there is a significant long term loan or loans are there clear reporting structures in place between the management and the owner
  • Is the process for approving the collections development policy clear and appropriate? Where a museum does not own any collections, for example all of the collections used are on loan from another organisation (as when local authorities have moved heritage provision to a Trust) it is usual for the primary collection owner/s to approve the collections development policy as part of the service level agreement (SLA) or collections loan/management agreement. In both cases, evidence of the approval of the SLA or collections loan/management agreement by the museum’s governing body will be required.
  • Is it clear who, or which group, has responsibility for approving policies?
  • Are there clear details about which committees/workforce members or sections of the Board are responsible for the three sections of Accreditation?
  • Is there evidence of succession planning?
  • How often do committees convene? Is this appropriate? Is the structure regularly reviewed?
  • QIS How effective are the lines of communication between leaders and workforce at other levels of the organisation?