South Western Federation of Museums and Art Galleries

Museum Mentors

To fulfil the requirements of Accreditation all museums must have access to appropriately qualified professional staff. This can be through employing qualified and/or experienced staff or, if this is not possible, through the mentor scheme.

Mentors work in partnership with museums and local museum support services to ensure the museum has access to the advice it needs.

A mentor is a professional adviser who supports a museum in developing its Accreditation application and subsequent Accreditation returns.

Mentors play a vital role in supporting and helping to develop museums which do not have qualified and experienced professional staff. For some people the mentor role forms part of their job description while for others it is a purely voluntary role.

Finding a Museum Mentor

There is no central list of Museum Mentors available. To find a mentor, contact your local Museum Development Officer or the SW Museum Development Central Team commissioned by Arts Council England to provide Accreditation Advice in the SW.

Resources for Mentors

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Museum Mentors – powerpoint on mentoring for Accreditation, September 2014