Reawakening Festival – Dorset’s First Arts Festival for Dementia

Posted April 4, 2017 at 7:25 am


Dorset’s first arts festival for dementia, Reawakening (15-29 May 2017) will celebrate the county’s heritage, countryside and artistic life – from the Jurassic coast to Thomas Hardy, historic houses and estates, horticulture, ceramics, music, dance, poetry and drama, carving in wood and stone and rambling.

As imaginative and artistic instincts can remain vibrant for years after onset of dementia, engaging with the arts and enjoying country exercise help preserve identity and sense of purpose in the community for longer.

Arts workshops for people with memory loss and their companions are led by facilitators trained to override dementia symptoms and encourage participants to revive, develop and learn artistic skills joyfully together and are fascinating, fun and effective. (See Reawakening the Mind and Music Reawakening).

Over the coming weeks, Arts 4 Dementia will map all dementia friendly arts and heritage venue and new arts events for dementia around Dorset as well as activities that can help prevent onset.

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