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Art Fund’s Conservation Grants are now open for applications

Art Fund’s Conservation Grants are now open for applications. This programme is designed to provide funding towards the conservation of objects in UK collections, to help museums share new stories about their objects and improve collections care and display. The Conservation Grants aim to support remedial conservation of objects in UK collections and public engagement activities associated with the object(s) conserved or the conservation process.

Applications are open to UK public museums, galleries, historic houses and properties, libraries and archives which are open for at least half the week for at least six months of the year, have a public display or exhibition space, and are accredited, provisionally accredited or ‘working towards’ accreditation under the Arts Council Accreditation Scheme or The National Archives Accreditation Scheme (if eligible). Grants are available for £5,000 and above, and the there are two grant streams:
  • Main grants: requests above £15,000
  • Small grants: requests of £15,000 or less

For small grants, applications are accepted at any time, for main grants, there are five application deadlines per year. Click here for further information.