South Western Federation of Museums and Art Galleries

Museums offered photographs documenting life working at Moreland and C&J Clark in the 60s and 70s

Having worked in a number of Devon museums, Shane Edgar is offering museums and heritage organisations in the South West a collection of photographs suitable for research and digitisation.

When Shane's father died he left a large box of black and white photographs from his days working firstly at Moreland and sons then C&J Clark. Shane is a retired photographer and said "I can attest to the quality of the prints and would suggest they were made by a professional photographer(s) commissioned by the companies to get PR and other promotional shots." The average size of the photographs is 10 x 8 inches on bromide paper.

They cover a fantastic range from fashion models on the catwalk in 60s/70s styles to workers in the factories and visiting personages including some royalty - a document of life (social and working) of that period of what were respected companies locally and globally.

Shane is keen to pass them to a museum or a heritage organisation as he said they are "a fascinating record and need to be researched and maybe digitised for a museum. The box is large and would have contained 5 reams of copier paper once upon a time."

If you are interested, please contact