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South West Fed calls for museums to get involved with Creativity and Wellbeing Week

The South West Fed is in discussion with Arts & Health South West and the Culture, Health and Wellbeing Alliance about how we can best work collaboratively with the arts and health sector in the south west to share learning and catalyse new relationships and activity. As some of you will know, the National Alliance for Museums, Health and Wellbeing merged with the National Alliance for Arts, Health and Wellbeing to form the new Culture, Health and Wellbeing Alliance and we urge you to sign up as members, if you aren’t already (it’s free). RAMM represents the south west for the Museums sector on the steering group of the Alliance, and Alex Coulter, Director of Arts & Health South West is Chair of the Alliance and represents the south west for the arts and health sector.

The former Museums, Health and Wellbeing Week has now merged with Creativity and Wellbeing Week which will be from 10 - 16 June this year. We encourage you to identify any health and wellbeing work that you might be engaged in during that period and highlight it via the Creativity and Wellbeing Week website, where you’ll see a Submit an Event button. If you would like to programme an event during the week, a workshop or talk for instance, and would like to find out who in your area is working in arts and health, then please do get in touch with Alex Coulter on There aren’t any funds on offer at the moment, but we are all keen to support you developing new partnerships and relationships through the Alliance.

Creativity and Wellbeing can be interpreted very broadly. For instance an object handling session, where the creative conversations that emerge when telling stories about objects encourage connection, reflection and a sense of wellbeing, might be something you are already planning to deliver that week. Any work you are doing with people who experience barriers to engagement due to ill-health or work to tackle loneliness in your communities would also be very relevant to showcase.

Arts & Health South West is looking at whether there are sponsorship opportunities to fund some PR and Communications work across the region. They will be generating a generic press release and guidance which you might find useful. They are also developing a new website, to be launched in April, which will include a map with events and local contacts.

We hope you will help us to raise the profile of the value of museums and heritage for health and wellbeing and please do send any suggestions of other ways we might develop more joined up working. We hope that Creativity and Wellbeing Week in 2020 will be an opportunity to plan something ambitious together.

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