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Web Links for Encouraging Diversity in Museums

Diversity in Museums:

Diversify - the Museums Association campaign to diversify the museum workforce: overview, guidance, outcomes and  case studies: /


Investors in Volunteers (accreditation standard):

Volunteering England – infrastructure body with sister organisations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland:

Equalities and Human Rights Commission:

EHRC - can be found at:

Equality Act- the ‘easy read’ version is available at:

The EHRC has also put together a ‘starter kit’ of how to get to know and understand the Act and its implications. This can be found at:

The Citizens Advice Bureau has also put together a guide – Discrimination and your Rights,  which can be found at:

International documents about diversity and culture

Mapping cultural diversity across the globe – a report contributing to the UNESCO debate, November 2010:

Young people and the universal declaration on cultural diversity, a very interesting paper entitled ‘All Different, All Unique’, can be found at:

UNESCO home page for culture

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Universal declaration of Human Rights, United Nations (1948):

Government Statistics

Young people

'Hear by Right', standards for the active involvement of children and young people (specific section for Museums & Galleries):


Other useful information:

CIPD factsheets – Disability and employment; Sex discrimination, sexual orientation, gender reassignment and employment; Age and employment; Race, religion and employment: