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Honorary Treasurer - South West Fed

Join this enthusiastic and innovative group who lead an independent organisation working at the forefront of the cultural sector in the South West.

This is a fantastic opportunity to represent the heritage sector, work with colleagues and engage with other partners as part of a committed and passionate group of Trustees focussed on driving the success of this unique member organisation.

Our Board roles are suited to anyone who is keen to apply their skills and knowledge to benefit the sector, develop experience of working at Board level and enhance professional networking circles.

The role of Honorary Treasurer is one of the key board roles available this year.

Honorary Treasurer Role Description

Main Tasks and Responsibilities

All South West Fed Board members are required to act as charity trustees and company directors, responsible under the Companies Acts and the Charities Act for the day-to-day management and administration of the Charity, agreeing to be registered at Companies House and the Charity Commission accordingly.

1. To arrange and operate safe and efficient arrangements for dealing with the financial matters of the Charity, including the keeping of records of all financial transactions, the arrangement of banking facilities and the completion of the Charity’s annual accounts (whether audited or unaudited in accordance with applicable law) in accordance with the requirements of the Companies Acts, the Charity Commission and any similar/applicable organisations/law. This includes supporting the processing of the Charity’s membership through production of invoices and banking of fees as required (a mostly self-generated digital process with only occasional manual responses required).

2. To prepare in accordance with applicable accounting standards and submit to the Charity’s Auditor for the appropriate level of examination and approval, the Charity’s annual accounts within 30 days of the end of the Charity’s financial year.

3. Following Auditor examination and approval of the Charity’s accounts, to ensure that the approved accounts are:

a. filed at Companies House in the appropriate form and in accordance with applicable deadlines;

b. filed with the Charity Commission in the appropriate form and in accordance with applicable deadlines (together with/as part of (as applicable) the accompanying Annual Report – see point 4a below);

c. filed with HM Revenue & Customs and any other relevant authority in such form and in accordance with such deadlines as may be required under applicable law; and

d. made available for member approval at the Charity’s Annual General Meeting as required by the Charity’s Articles of Association.

4. In conjunction with the Charity’s Minutes/Company Secretary and/or the Charity’s Auditor (as required), to prepare and file with the Charity Commission, in the appropriate form and in accordance with applicable deadlines:

a. the Charity’s Annual Report; and (separately)

b. the Charity’s Annual Return.

5. To promptly assist the Charity’s Minutes/Company Secretary by providing such financial/accounting information as the Secretary may require in order to file the Charity’s annual return at Companies House in accordance with applicable deadlines.

6. To prepare in conjunction with the Charity’s Board an annual financial budget at the commencement of each financial year.

7. To prepare a written report for the Charity’s Board each time it meets setting out the financial position of the Charity at that time (approximately four meetings a year).

8. To be a joint signatory with the Chair and Vice Chair (or other designated officer) for payments from the Charity’s bank accounts.

9. To advise the Charity’s Board on other financial matters as may be required.

10. Arrange and maintain such insurance cover as the Charity’s Board may determine is required by the Charity from time to time.

11. To assist in the preparation of grant applications to any organisations in pursuit of the Charity’s objectives. To be responsible for administration of income and expenditure of any financial grants received. To ensure that application is made for income due as a result of grant money being awarded to the organisation and ensuring (in conjunction with the wider Board) that any conditions applied by the grant making organisation are complied with.

Skills, experience and outlook required

1. The ability to draw up and manage budgets

2. The ability to understand accounts and other financial documents and to explain and present them to others

3. Experience of using online banking and of managing a society or similar group’s financial systems

4. A commitment to the SW Federation of Museums & Art Galleries and to its compliance with all applicable accounting standards and company and charity law.

General Board Member Duties

• To ensure that the South West Fed complies with its constitution, charity and company law and any other relevant legislation or regulations

• To ensure that the South West Fed pursues its objects as defined by its constitution and uses its resources exclusively in pursuance of its objectives

• To contribute actively to the role of the Board of the South West Fed

• To safeguard the good name and reputation of the South West Fed and behave in a professional manner, keeping matters confidential where appropriate

• To ensure the efficient and effective administration, including financial stability of the South West Fed’s business (including any fundraising activity) carried out by, or on behalf of, the South West Fed

• To take a considered, proportionate and balanced approach to risk management

• In addition to the above duties, each Board member should use any specific skills, knowledge or experience to help the wider Board make sound decisions and in particular, take a pro-active interest in any particular areas of expertise

Board Member Qualities


• Active listener/inclusive

• Dealing with people in different situations

• Awareness of our audience


• Commitment to improving best practice in the sector

• Time commitment/attendance – see related expectation below

• Ambassador

• Willingness to share skills

• Willingness to learn and develop

• Adherence to best practice/ethical/good governance

• Scrutiny

• Facilitator/respectful of others

• Open minded

• Open to change

• Approachable

• Positive attitude

• Team player


• Understanding of/interest in/enthusiasm for the heritage sector

• Networked (desirable)

Expectations of a Board Member

Being on the Board can be a really rewarding activity as long as you are prepared to engage and work to deliver the activities of the South West Fed!

To be an individual member of the South West Fed.

Trustees must be available to attend at least 50% of all scheduled Board meetings held in any calendar year and any general meetings of the South West Fed’s members as may be required from time to time.

Trustees may also be expected to represent the South West Fed at various advocacy events and in meetings with key stakeholders.

Attendance at, and support for, the South West Fed’s Fora and Conference events is strongly encouraged.

Sit on working groups and sub-committees of the Board to support the delivery of the South West Fed’s vision.

Support fundraising for the South West Fed.

Promote the role of the South West Fed and encourage individuals and institutions to recognise the benefits of joining the South West Fed as a member.

All Board members must read The Essential Trustee: what you need to know, what you need to do (CC3) published by the Charity Commission or any subsequent publication.

The Board needs to maintain its enthusiasm, enjoyment and reward – a key factor of volunteering for something!

A full induction is provided which covers the following areas:

• Briefing on the role of the South West Fed, charitable role and the responsibilities of good governance

• Provision of information about South West Fed’s vision, current Forward Plan and finances

• Details of available travel expenses and claims process

• Training in website administration and other communication channels

• The role is not accompanied by any financial remuneration

About the South West Fed

Our Vision

A flourishing and confident heritage community in the South West

Our Mission

Creating opportunities to connect and inspire the heritage community across the South West, for the benefit of organisations and their audiences.

What We Do

We promote a culture of shared learning across the region by connecting members with each other, with relevant partners, and with the wider sector.

Members develop skills from our events and by being directed to other CPD opportunities in the region and beyond.

Resources and information provided through our website, eBulletins, newsletters and social media give members and others in the sector guidance, ideas, advice and the latest news.

We champion the value and benefits of the South West’s museums, art galleries and heritage sites.

We provide an umbrella body for regional subject specialist groups [currently, the SW Implement Petrology Group]


The South Western Federation of Museums and Art Galleries (the South West Fed) is a voluntary subscription-based organisation, representing the heritage sector in the South West of England. It is a company limited by guarantee (No 05536131) with charitable status (charity No 1113399).

The South West Fed is managed and administered by its Board of directors (trustees), elected in accordance with its constitutional rules to fulfil certain roles as required from time to time. All Board members are required to act as directors and charity trustees, responsible under the Companies Acts and under the Charities Act for the day-to-day management and administration of the Charity and agree to be registered at Companies House and the Charity Commission accordingly.

A copy of the South West Fed’s Articles of Association and Rules can be found on our website.

How to Apply

To register your interest in joining our Board as Treasurer, please read the Role Description and indicate that this is your preferred role using the nomination form available on our 'Get Involved' page here. You will then be put forward to participate in a member’s vote at our AGM, when members and Trustees will confirm the new members of our Board.

Whilst nominations can be received up to and including the AGM on the 4th July, we would encourage anyone interested to contact the Chair (by emailing ) by the 14th June to discuss this or any other role on the Board.

Organisation name: South West Fed

Contact name: Claire Dixon

Contact email:

Contact website:

Type: Volunteering

Location: South West

Deadline for completed applications: Thursday 04 July 2019

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