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Finds Liaison Officer - Museum of Cornish Life

The purpose of this role is to record archaeological objects found by the public, including metal detector users, to advance archaeological knowledge and to increase opportunities for active public involvement in archaeology.

Main Duties and Responsibilities
  1. To explain the aims of the Scheme to the wider public (for example, local archaeological and historical societies, schools, media, talks, exhibitions etc.), emphasising that the Scheme is concerned to record all portable antiquities and not just metal objects and to present the data gathered;
  2. To explain the aims of the Scheme to archaeologists and museum curators in Cornwall and to seek their co-operation;
  3. To make contact with metal-detector users and other finders in Cornwall, both those in clubs and other metal-detector users who are not members of clubs; to attend metal detecting club meetings to explain the project and to borrow finds for recording; to encourage clubs and finders to record their finds themselves where appropriate using the PAS database; to attend other museums and sites in Cornwall on a regular basis to record finds deposited there;
  4. To explain the requirements of the Treasure Act and Code of Practice and the statutory provision relating to the use of metal-detectors on scheduled sites to finders; to act as expert advisers on finds of treasure in liaison with local museums and coroners and to keep finders informed of progress with their treasure cases;
  5. To foster a spirit of co-operation between metal-detector users, landowners and archaeologists; to educate detector users and landowners on best practice, communicating the archaeological requirements concerning the accurate recording of the provenance of finds and the need not to disturb in situ deposits and to mediate between them and archaeologists/museum curators if necessary;
  6. To record finds using the Portable Antiquities Scheme database; to seek advice from Finds Advisers for those objects they are unable to identify personally; to help develop the database and accompanying standards for recording objects;
  7. To make a quarterly report to the Head of Portable Antiquities on their progress in carrying out the above roles;
  8. To manage volunteers and placements to assist with the recording of archaeological finds and other work relating to the Scheme.
  9. To comply with all decisions, policies and standing orders of the museum and any relevant statutory requirements, including the Equality Act, the Health and Safety at Work Act and Data Protection Act.
  10. To assist generally with the public service of the museum, including answering enquiries from members of the public.
  11. To participate in training and development as may be required from time to time commensurate with the level of the post.
  12. To undertake other such analogous duties as may be allocated by the Director or his representative.

Apply by email to Annette MacTavish ( with your CV and a cover letter covering letter explaining how you meet the Personal Specification and why you want the role of Finds Liaison Officer. You can read the personal specifications here: Applications to be received by 31 July (5pm) 2020 with interview being held on 10 August 2020 (online – platform to be agreed).

Organisation name: Museum of Cornish Life

Contact name: Annette MacTavish

Contact email:

Contact phone number: 01326564027

Contact website:

Type: Part-time (fixed term)

Salary: £25,000 pro-rata

Location: Helston

Deadline for completed applications: Friday 31 July 2020

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