Cornwall is a land of museums and many of these are run entirely by volunteers and enthusiasts. Reflecting a strong sense of place, these museums and their objects tell the story of Cornwall and its people from prehistory to the present day through the things our ancestors left behind.

Objects from Cornwall’s museums are featured on the BBC’s History of the World in 100 Objects website – click here to see them.

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SWFed County Rep: Wendy Aldis

Wendy is based at the Trerice House, near Newquay

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Museum Development Officers

Museum Development Officers provide a wide range of free support, advice and help to the museums in their area. They co-ordinate meetings, visit museums, help with writing policies and grant applications and are a fund of useful information on everything to do with running a museum.

Museum Development in Cornwall is an integral part of the Cornwall Museums Partnership.

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Read about the impact of Museum Development in Cornwall in this extract from the SW Museum Development Partnership’s Annual Report for 2012/2013


County Reports

At every SWFed committee meeting the County Representative produces a report about their county. Read them here.

Cornwall Museums Group

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